Grafting Apples and Pears

We picked up eight apple scions, two pear and one grape. Our shopping list above was to help us get just our favorite, but we found a few interesting varieties, too – including Marechal Foch a Pinot Noir hybrid.The apples and Pears we were able to get two or three grafts out of each scion and now have a total of 19 tiny but growing trees.

Our apples grafts:
Crimson Crisp – eatin’ apple
Kingston Black – cider apple
Esopus Spitzenberg – cider apple
Roxbury Russet – cider apple
Newtown Pippen – cider apple
Yarlington – mill cider apple

Our pear grafts:
Barland Pear
Hendre Huffcapp

Our five Marechal Foch are own rooted (not grafted) and seem to be doing well.

We learned to graft in a propitiation class we took at a community college, but this was our first time doing it on our own.

Grafting Apples and Pears

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