Mushroom Class

We took the Mushroom Cultivation Design Course at Fungi for the People in Eugene Oregon in late March. We learned a staggering amount of information and were really excited to come home and start to practice cultivating Mushrooms. We were introduced to a few we did not know before our class and learned to make Reishi Tea (very relaxing sleep aide) and Chaga Tea (a great coffee replacement).

We can home with plans to build the equipment we would need to produce our own mushrooms on large scale. We have a lot of work to do before we are able scale up, but now is the time for building and learning. We built a small clean box for sectioning and  transferring cultures. We started to build our own version of a Laminar Flow Hood (based on Ja Schindler’s Design).

Now it is all about practice and creating the right conditions for the Mycelium and Mushrooms to thrive…

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