Our Story

The Frog Eagle Farms story…so far!

We are working on it…Always!

It started as a dream to own our own piece of farmland. We studied a lot and toured all the available plots of land within a few hours of our home. We lived in a great city, but I could stretch out my arms and touch our neighbors house and ours at the same time. We wanted to spread out and to have the space to grow our own food. We wanted grow our family. And bring other animals to our cat, dog and chicken family. We wanted room to stretch our bodies and our minds. We also wanted to have plenty of water and a place I could drive around in circles on a tractor. And, of course, I wanted a tractor.

We still wanted to be relatively close to a large city. We wanted access to services you can only get in town. We looked at 20 to 30 properties and seriously considered what it would be like to live on a few of them. Then we found this one. I think when we pulled into the driveway we both knew it was right. We made an offer on it right away. It took a while to close on the sale and a bit longer to change jobs and actually get to live at our farm. Careers spent in HR and Education helped us get here, but did not really prepare us to be farmers. We had a lot to learn about how to live on a farm and are still learning how to make the farm pay for itself.

We have learned so much since we got here in 2015. And we are incredibly excited to learn more in the coming years. As we are grow our knowledge and our farm we have become Certified Organic through Oregon Tilth and The Real Organic Project. We practice a lot or permaculture, regenerative farming and Biodynamic principles.

We added a small apiary, a few goats and more chickens. We planted an orchard of hybrid Hazelnuts, several patches of Douglas Fir trees, Red Alders and River birches. We have grown fields of Cereal Rye and Crimson Clover. And a food forest/garden started with apple trees on 20 foot spacing and herbs and vegetables in between. We have a very small vineyard, olive trees and are getting better at growing mushrooms. Our large pond, which has been invaded by Reed Canary Grass is in a multi-year transition to a more natural wetland. We are following a lot of farmers and OSU in a effort to learn how to do all of this better.

We have a lot of plans for the coming years. Our goals: Grow. Grow. Grow.