Grafting Apples and Pears

Grafting Apples and Pears

We picked up eight apple scions, two pear and one grape. Our shopping list above was to help us get just our favorite, but we found a few interesting varieties, too – including Marechal Foch a Pinot Noir hybrid.The apples and Pears we were able to get two or three grafts out of each scion and now have a total of 19 tiny but growing trees.

Our apples grafts:
Crimson Crisp – eatin’ apple
Kingston Black – cider apple
Esopus Spitzenberg – cider apple
Roxbury Russet – cider apple
Newtown Pippen – cider apple
Yarlington – mill cider apple

Our pear grafts:
Barland Pear
Hendre Huffcapp

Our five Marechal Foch are own rooted (not grafted) and seem to be doing well.

We learned to graft in a propitiation class we took at a community college, but this was our first time doing it on our own.