Our Animals


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The Bald Eagle and the Green Frog. The farm is named after them. They are the first two animals we saw here. The Eagle and his partner lived here before us. He was here the day we signed the papers. We saw the frog on our next visit. He came out to greet us and then hopped off.



Arya and Peace Sign with their cousins. That’s right – they’re chickens!


Lucy waiting to go work at the farm. A puppy should not have to be stuck inside.


Lalita contemplating. She is the cat in-charge!


Pica – ready to Pounce…


Anita – Guardian of the pond.

Fernando - Wooley Bear Caterpillar

Fernando – Wooley Bear Caterpillar – So Cute!


Pierre – Look closely, don’t be shocked. Pierre means no harm.


Elk! They prefer not to be photographed.

Great Blue Heron

Horatio – The Great Blue Heron.




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